Cloud’s Hover Around Rooney’s United Future

Many were taken by Surprise when Rooney was left out of the Starting XI of the most important match of United’s Season. He was snubbed in favour of 39 year old legend,little experienced striker and inconsistent Nani.Wayne Rooney has been subjected to various criticisms over the past seasons,either that of extra weight,inconsistency or his kind of life style.Rooney was regarded as a prodigal son due to his contract saga with the club in October 2010 which led to him questioning the clubs future.He was handsomely rewarded with an heavily packaged wage of about €287,000 a week.Ever since signing this bumper contract,he’s been a subject to criticism.The English Man could have easily assumed that the signing of former Arsenal star man,Robin Van Persie was a sign of the club’s investment which he questioned few year’s back,as well given him an assurance of his influence at Old trafford.Certainly he was wrong,as the dutchman’s sizzling form as seen him relegated as a second choice.Even with all these,the English man has been in good form bagging 18goals and 15assists this season for both club and country.Wayne’s present contract runs till July 2015 but Alex Ferguson no longer believes Wayne can attain that form which handed United trophies seasons back.Rumours have it that Borussia Dortmund man Lewandowski could be the man to replace Wayne,not sure how adequate that replacement could be.Could Wayne be on his way out of Old trafford?Or could his omission from the squad be as a result of change in tactics?Let’s have your say on this#


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