World Cup Qualifiers 2014(Europe)Fixtures

Armenia Vs Czech Rep @5:00pm

Azerbaijan Vs Portugal @6:00pm

Estonia Vs Andorra @6:00pm

Turkey Vs Hungary @7:30pm

Ukraine Vs Moldova @8:00pm

Denmark Vs Bulgaria @8:15pm

Netherlands Vs Romania @8:30pm

Germany Vs kazakhstan @8:45pm

Serbia Vs Scotland @8:30pm

Malta Vs Italy @8:45pm

Belgium Vs Macedonia @8:45pm

Northern Ireland Vs Israel @8:45pm

Poland Vs San Marino @8:45pm

R. of Ireland Vs Austria @8:45pm

Wales Vs Croatia @8:45pm

France Vs Spain @9:00pm

Montenegro Vs England @9:00pm

Plenty of games to watch this evening,the game of the evening is certainly that of france and spain.Let’s have your thoughts on this games flow


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