Quater-Finals Gone Crazy!

Dortmund Vs Malaga-Played
3 : 2

Galatassary Vs Real Madrid-Played
3 : 2

In a hugely contested affair,Dortmund magically stole a late winner.Malaga took the lead early in the first half through Jaoquin before Lewandowski levelled for Dortmund before the break.Eliseu looked to have sealed qualification in the 82nd minute before two late goals in the stoppage time from both Marco Reus and Felipe Santana stole the show from Malaga.
Galatassary put up the suprise of the night after going one goal down early in the second half.Ronaldo scored his side’s opener to open 4-0 aggregate but little did madrid know what they were in for.It was not until an hour into the game when Emmanuel Eboue came up with a thunder strike from 25yards that the turkish side really came alive.In about 15minutes,the turkish side had turned the tie on its head by scoring a double salvo in the space of 5minutes.Offensive changes were made to the gala side to try and secure one of the greatest comebacks of the champions league but madrid preferred to leave it late before killing the game,I am sure you can guess who produced the goal,no other man than Cristiano Ronaldo shortly after Arbeloa earned himself a red card.
Madrid and Dortmund both secure semifinal slots to be joined by tomorrows winner’s.


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